Under Hitler’s heavy hand, the German military developed some of the world’s most destructive technology during World War II. Those weapons in Adolf Hitler’s fantasy arsenal were never fully brought to light but it is widely believed that these WW2 German technological advancements could have altered the entire course of the war.


Such was the mystery and majesty surrounding these innovations that these were referred to as “The Wunderwaffe”- German equivalent of the term “Wonder Weapons”. During World War II, the German propaganda ministry set forward to developing these revolutionary “super weapons” that could afford previously unheard-of capabilities to the German WW2 military.


On the downside however, most of these weapons remained more or less feasible prototypes, or reached the combat theatre too late, and in too insignificant numbers (if at all) to have a military effect. But they did lay down the groundwork for some of the most extraordinary military weapons of warthat are in use today. The infamous V-weapons, which caused significant damage to the forces of the opposition, were developed earlier and saw considerable deployment (especially against London and Antwerp) can be traced back to the same pool of highly inventive armament concepts.


In the later phases of World War II, Nazi Germany increasingly put its hopes on research into technologically revolutionary secret weapons of WWII.  Some of these ideas included directed energy weapons, the Sun Gun, Missiles with an internal guidance system, a railway gun, various experimental rockets and helicopters with some ultra high-tech advancements, a flying wing heavy transport glider, a self-propelled anti-aircraft gun, U-boats designed to use air-independent propulsion and many many more!


The ideas that the German WW2research wing were working on developing are truly mind boggling. One can only wonder what the outcome of the war might have been had these been fully operational and actively used in combat.

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